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More appointments, less planning

Configure, your online booking system in minutes and save time!

Take care of the things that matter most to you makes work more efficient and intelligent, allowing a better use of its resources.

Make better use of your time

When clients look up an appointment in the booking calendar, they only see the times available up to that moment and only the duration and type of meeting or service you want to have.

Their schedule fills efficiently and everyone avoids excessive email exchanges. is your personal assistant

Because automates the sending of email reminders and follow-up messages, you can focus on the work that grows your business.

Manage reservations as a team

With you can offer sessions of a few minutes or a few hours, for a client or a group.

You can offer reservations for a specific member of the team or the first available, even depending on the service location.

So you can easily break up meetings in the way that works best for your team members.

Why choose

With these features you can get better results, make better use of time and increase your income.

Branch Management

Branches with independent booking calenders in the same control panel.

Employee Management

Members with independent schedules. Each with access to their calendar.

Multilevel Categories

Organize service categories, services, and extras.

Email Notifications

Send emails to customers, reservation changes, payment confirmation and personalized messages.

SMS notifications

Send confirmation SMS to customers, reservation changes, payment confirmation and personalized messages.

WhatsApp notifications

Send Whatsapp to customers, reservation changes, payment confirmation and personalized messages.

Automatic Reminders

Advanced reminders to ensure timely delivery of your services.

Recurring Appointments

With a simple click you can configure a reservation to be recurring.

Custom Form

Tailor your booking process with the custom form builder.

Manage Discounts

Manage coupons or discount offers from the control panel.

Manage Gift Cards

Reward your customers with the built-in gift card manager.

Advance payments

Receive advance payments to protect yourself against unexpected cancellations.

Manage Holidays

Select holidays days to prevent clients from making appointments.

Manage days off

In the same calendar you can organize breaks and holidays for staff.

Reservations with Guests

Avoid overlapping bookings with the "bring people" feature.

Control Panel

See performance with multi-layer filters and an extensive reporting module.

Smart Reports

Analyse business operations by location, staff, services and profits.

Adaptive Design

The most optimal customer experience that adapts to the users' environment.

Try today!

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